Is Quran the Word of God-Zakir Naik
Don’t Be Sad: Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni
Islam The Only way by Anisuddin Aahmad
The Miracle of Islamic Science, Appendix B of ‘The Miracle of Islamic Science’ by Dr. K. Ajram
A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam – Second Edition- I. A. Ibrahim
major or al-Kaba’ir sins in Islam by Imam Abu Abd Allah Shams ad-Din al-Dhahabi
Islamic awakening important guidelines by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih Al-Uthaymin
Your Trust In Your Service by Maulana Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui
Dealing with Lust and Greed, ACCORDING TO ISLAM By: Sheikh ‘Abd aI-Hamid Kishk
Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them) by Bart D. Ehrman
Muslim Christian Dialogue by Muhammed A. Nubee. & Ahmed Y. Moosa
Islam And Christianity As seen in The Bible Published by AL-AHSA ISLAMIC CENTER
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