Islamic Beliefs

(Book by Syed Maududi (RA): Understanding Islamic Civilization (Chapter 3: part 2) The Qur’an has discussed the beliefs in so much detail that it has left no room for differences of opinion about them. But there are some misunderstandings in the minds of those people who could not make themselves familiar with the style ofContinue reading “Islamic Beliefs”

Fundamental Thoughts and Beliefs

(Book by Syed A.A. Maududi (RA): Understanding Islamic Civilization (Chapter 3: part 1) What Is Iman and Its Importance? We have already discussed the concept of life and the goal of life. Now we have to discuss the question: On what basis does Islam build the character of its followers? Character and Its Intellectual BaseContinue reading “Fundamental Thoughts and Beliefs”

Extremism: The Accusation and the Reality

From “Islamic Awakening: between Rejection & extremism” (Yousuf Al Qardhawi) Chapter 1: Part: 1 Theorists argue that one cannot pass a judgment on something unless one has a clear conception of it, because the unknown and the undefined cannot be judged. Therefore, we first have to determine what “religious extremism” means before we can condemnContinue reading “Extremism: The Accusation and the Reality”