Abu Bakr Siddique (RA): The Prophet’s Best Friend

Part 2… Abu Bakr was Fearless when defending Islam and the prophet. Once when the prophet was praying at the Kabah, a Makkan, Uqba ibn Mu’it, came and try to strangulate him. Somebody called Abu Bakr who came running, held Uqba by the shoulder and pushed him away shouting “do you want to kill aContinue reading “Abu Bakr Siddique (RA): The Prophet’s Best Friend”

Abu Bakr Siddique (RA):The Prophet’s Best Friend

Part 1… Abu Bakr was a companion of Prophet Muhammed(SAW). He was also the first Caliph of Islam, chosen after the death of The Prophet in 632 C.E. ABu BAkr came from Makkah and belonged to the noble family of The Quraysh. His Father, Uthman Abi Qahafah, was an influential Makken, and his mother, UmmulContinue reading “Abu Bakr Siddique (RA):The Prophet’s Best Friend”