Abu Bakr Siddique (RA): The Prophet’s Best Friend

Part 2…

Abu Bakr was Fearless when defending Islam and the prophet. Once when the prophet was praying at the Kabah, a Makkan, Uqba ibn Mu’it, came and try to strangulate him. Somebody called Abu Bakr who came running, held Uqba by the shoulder and pushed him away shouting “do you want to kill a person just because he says Allah is his God?”

At this, A Quraysh started beating Abu Bakr. However, Abu Bakr never felt afraid when opposed or harassed by The Quraysh. Throughout his entire life, he remained the Prophet Muhammad’s closest companion. The Prophet once said “no one has been a better companion to me than Abu Bakr”.

Reference: 365 Days with the Sahabah by Muhammad Khalid Perwez

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