Renderforest: Easy, Fast and Fantastic Video Creation Site

I was looking for an online intro video maker when I found Renderforest through Google. Working with the online software is easy even for first time users like me. I’m not an expert but I was comfortably able to create a beautiful and sharp intro for my video clips. The video templates and scenes reallyContinue reading “Renderforest: Easy, Fast and Fantastic Video Creation Site”

Abu Bakr Siddique (RA): The Prophet’s Best Friend

Part 2… Abu Bakr was Fearless when defending Islam and the prophet. Once when the prophet was praying at the Kabah, a Makkan, Uqba ibn Mu’it, came and try to strangulate him. Somebody called Abu Bakr who came running, held Uqba by the shoulder and pushed him away shouting “do you want to kill aContinue reading “Abu Bakr Siddique (RA): The Prophet’s Best Friend”