Abu Bakr Siddique (RA):The Prophet’s Best Friend

Part 1…

Abu Bakr was a companion of Prophet Muhammed(SAW). He was also the first Caliph of Islam, chosen after the death of The Prophet in 632 C.E. ABu BAkr came from Makkah and belonged to the noble family of The Quraysh. His Father, Uthman Abi Qahafah, was an influential Makken, and his mother, Ummul Khair, belonged to the Banu Taim branch and of The Quraysh. Abu bakr was born in the year 573 C.E., about two years after the birth of The Prophet. He belonged to a wealthy family but he led a disciplined life. He was always truthful and never fell evil’s way. He became a successful trader and his dealings were always fair and above board. Abu bakr and The Prophet knew each other since their childhood. both could trace their lineage for seven generations. When The Prophet received the First revelation from Allah in 610 CE in the month of Ramadan and told this to Abu Bakr he immediately accepted it because he knew that Muhammad was Sadiq meaning truthful. Abu Bakr never doubted the prophet’s words and wholeheartedly believed in the truth of prophets message. He converted to Islam without any hesitation. He was the first person outside the family of the Prophet to accept Islam.

Reference: 365 Days with the Sahabah by Muhammad Khalid Perwez

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