Being Different is Okay!

Every person on this Planet is special in his or her own way. Some might look like other people, but each one’s feeling, faith and the way he or she thinks might be completely different. Being different is not just about how we look or the color of our skin but it also includes different personalities, interests, hobbies etc.

  • Some kids prefer to go outdoors and play sports while others like to read or do art.
  • Some kids like to talk a lot and while others are shy.

Imagine if Everyone looked the same and talked the same, then NO one would be special. Allah made us all different and special so that we can learn about others. Such as their cultures, their language and their foods too. We should not judge others because we are all unique and special in many ways.

Reference – My Deen: People of The World – Ages 5 to 7

One thought on “Being Different is Okay!

  1. Agree, Allah swt naturally makes us all different so that we can learn from each other. Our civilized world is like a lush garden. We are all different, colorful, and beautiful, exotic flowers living inside it. Despite the unique looks and different types of flowers, every garden is always beautiful.

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